While we remain active well into advanced years, our joints, unfortunately, are prone to deterioration. Our knee joints, especially, have a tendency to develop mechanical problems. The good news is that many of these problems can be resolved with arthroscopic knee surgery.

Our experienced knee surgeons treat a variety of conditions with knee arthroscopy

The variety of knee conditions that our experienced knee surgeons can treat arthroscopically include repairing a torn meniscus, reconstructing a torn ACL, removing inflamed synovial tissue, trimming damaged articular cartilage, and more.

Torn meniscus repairs at Greater Dayton Surgery Center

A tough, rubbery, “C”-shaped structure composed of fibrocartilage, the meniscus serves as a “shock absorber” in our knees. There are two menisci in each of our knees. Although it can tolerate great stress, the meniscus weakens with age. Older people often end up with a meniscal tear as a result of a simple action, such as from the up-and-down motion of squatting. If the meniscal tear is small, it may heal itself. A larger tear, however, will most likely require an arthroscopic procedure to repair the tear.

An estimated 1 million meniscal tears are repaired annually in an arthroscopic procedure known as a meniscectomy. The entire procedure, from check-in to departure from our outpatient surgery center ordinarily takes about three hours.

Arthroscopic ACL reconstructions at our outpatient surgery center

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) are common, particularly among young athletes. Most ACL tears must be repaired surgically, and this procedure can be accomplished arthroscopically. The ACL cannot be stitched back together, it must be reconstructed. Your torn tissue will be replaced with a graft, which acts like a scaffolding for a new ligament to grow on. Our acclaimed sports medicine physicians and knee specialists are experienced in arthroscopic ACL reconstruction.

We’ve chosen to highlight the two most common arthroscopic knee surgeries performed at our outpatient surgery center in Greater Dayton. If you are experiencing knee pain, we encourage you to call us at 937.535.2200 to discuss your options for knee pain relief. If your problem cannot be resolved with arthroscopic knee surgery and you need to consider knee replacement, we can help.