Pain is a signal from your body that something, somewhere, isn’t 100% right. It could be something minor, such as a headache resulting from eyestrain, indicating it’s time to visit your optometrist. Or the pain could be something major, such as a headache without an obvious causation, indicating a tumor. Whether it’s minor or major, acute (sudden onset and limited duration) or chronic (long-term and recurring), constant or intermittent, aching, stabbing or throbbing, pain is one of your body’s most important communication tools and you should listen to what it is saying — our experienced surgeons at Greater Dayton Surgery Center do!

Pain injections treat musculoskeletal conditions at Greater Dayton Surgery Center

The musculoskeletal conditions and diseases we treat at our outpatient orthopaedic surgery center are often accompanied by pain. Before you reach that point, or in the progression of other degenerative diseases we treat at our orthopaedic ASC, you may find pain relief through injections administered by our experienced pain management specialist. Our pain injection specialist will be guided by using special X ray technology to perform the procedure.

Pain injections available at our outpatient orthopaedic center

The most common injections you might receive at Greater Dayton Surgery Center are:

Epidural Injection

Prescribed for the treatment of nerve pain, an epidural is typically used in treating back, neck or limb pain or inflammation that can be sourced back to nerve damage in the spine. It takes its name from the area to which it is administered, the epidural space directly over the compressed nerve root in the spine or neck.

Facet Block Injection

At each segment of your spine, there are facet joints, which help provide stability and facilitate your range of motion. Spinal arthritis or other degenerative conditions or back injuries can cause these facet joints to become inflamed and therefore painful. Facet block injections contain a steroid which can reduce this inflammation and thereby relieve your pain.

Medial Branch Block

A facet block injection, described above, can assist your physician in determining if facet treatment is necessary to remedy your particular condition. The medial branch block is delivered near the small medial nerves connected to a specific facet joint. There are usually multiple anesthetic injections given in a single procedure.

SI Joint Injection

Lower back pain is often attributed to inflammation of the sacroiliac joints (one on each side of the spine, connecting the sacrum (between the hip bones). AN SI joint injection can remedy this pain.

Corticosteroid Injection

Not restricted to a specific body part, these concentrated anti-inflammatory concoctions offer quick relief to joints, muscles, and tendons. These injections are most commonly delivered to the shoulder, hip, knee, elbow and ankle.

We use conservative therapeutic approaches to resolve your joint and muscle pain at our orthopaedics-only outpatient surgery center. Our pain management specialists keep abreast of the latest developments in interventional pain techniques and formulas. Are you in pain? Relief can be a phone call away at 937.535.2200.