There is probably no part of your skeletal structure more vital, more intricate, or more amazing than your spine. Crucial to movement, support, and comfort, it is no wonder that the spine has taken on a life of its own with references to anyone or anything of strength, importance, or integrity as “the backbone” of this or that. This complex part of your body is comprised of 33 bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and our experienced spine surgeons are intimately familiar with them all. They understand the fundamental role the spine plays in your overall health, and how even the slightest back pain or neck pain can affect your ability to function normally and effectively.

Experienced Dayton orthopaedic spine surgeons prefer conservative approach

With more than three decades of experience in treating spinal conditions, our orthopaedic spine surgeons use a conservative approach to restoring your spine to optimum performance. The first treatment steps they take may include rest, medication, and physical therapy. Bracing or therapeutic pain injections may be prescribed. Guided by X-rays, MRIs or CT scans as necessary, our spine surgeons will develop a treatment plan that gently moves you from the least invasive procedures forward. If your injury or condition requires surgery, you can be sure all nonsurgical remedies to relieve your back pain or neck pain have been assessed and/or attempted.

Outpatient spine surgery offers patient benefits

Advancements in technology and improvements in surgical techniques over the past decade have made it possible for some spine surgeries that used to require hospitalization to now be performed in the outpatient setting, in same-day procedures. In addition to the obvious benefits of cost savings and reduced infection risk, patients having outpatient spine surgery enjoy a more personalized experience. The higher nurse-to-patient ratio found in an ASC provides for efficient, effective medical attention. Recovering in the comfort of your own home, in familiar surroundings and supported by your family and friends, adds immeasurably to a successful outcome.  

Spinal conditions commonly treated at Greater Dayton Surgery Center

While urgent or emergency care, major deformities like scoliosis, or spinal fractures caused by tumors or infections are best treated in a hospital setting, there are several back or neck disorders that can be successfully treated in the outpatient setting. These are generally degenerative conditions, such as degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and spondylolisthesis. Cervical and lumbar decompression, spinal fusion, and cervical and lumbar disc replacement are examples of spinal surgeries commonly performed at Greater Dayton Surgery Center.

For a full list of conditions treated or an explanation of our outpatient spinal surgeries performed, please call us at 937.535.2200.