If your knee pain can be traced to a ligament problem, a tendon problem, or one of the other conditions we can treat with knee arthroscopy, we will use that procedure to relieve your knee pain. However, if you are suffering from the degeneration of your knee joint as a result of knee osteoarthritis, or you have sustained a traumatic knee injury that renders your knee joint inoperable, it may be time to replace part or all of your knee joint with outpatient knee replacement surgery.

Partial knee replacement at our outpatient surgery center

Your femur (thigh bone) ends in two knobs which rest on the top of the tibia (shin bone) in the knee joint. The two knobs lead us to refer to the knee as having two compartments. Your patella, or kneecap, is a third compartment of your knee joint. Since the arthritic degeneration of bone may affect only one compartment of your knee, you may only need a partial or “unicompartmental” knee replacement. Because it is the goal of our experienced orthopaedic surgeons that you keep your own joint for as long as possible, there is no reason to have a total knee replacement when operating on only the affected side of the knee will do.

You may need unicondylar knee replacement, commonly referred to as a “uni” knee, where either the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) compartment is replaced. Or if your kneecap is worn, patellofemoral knee replacement, wherein the kneecap and the groove at the end of the thighbone where it rests are replaced, may serve you best. Your knee pain may be sourced to two of the compartments of the knee, the medial and patellofemoral compartments, requiring bicompartmental knee replacement.

Regardless of which compartment or combination of compartments is causing you disabling pain, our award-winning knee surgeons have the experience to determine the best procedure for you, and the skill to perform it.

Outpatient total knee replacement at Greater Dayton Surgery Center

When your knee pain has progressed to the point where it affects your daily life, rendering even the simplest tasks difficult and agonizingly painful, it’s time to consider total knee replacement surgery at our outpatient surgery center in Dayton.

Total knee replacement is one of the fastest growing orthopaedic procedures performed, with an estimated 700,000+ surgeries conducted annually, a number that is expected to increase by 673% to 3.48 million by 2030! Despite this rapid increase, indicating many people are choosing to have their worn out knee joints replaced, there remains an aura of misgiving about knee replacement surgery, with most people having some worry about the pain involved in the surgery and the postoperative rehabilitation. Our anesthesiologists and pain physicians are expert in administering local and regional pain blocks that will provide relief, often for several days following surgery. Combined with our surgeons’ skills and the compassionate attention from our nursing staff, along with a well-planned physical therapy routine, our outpatient total knee replacement patients enjoy a swift and sure recovery.

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